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  1. Feb 2021
    1. This is where warmups (how Dan John implements this idea) can be used to great benefit.  Consider someone who wants to get better at the Olympic lifts.  If they were to start every workout with a warmup consisting of some basic barbell complexes including power or squat cleans such that they got 15-20 good reps at the start of every workout (on top of whatever they did in training), imagine how many reps they might achieve over the course of a year compared to someone training the movement once or twice per week without the warmups.  Or without focused deliberate practice warm-ups.  If doesn’t go up exponentially, but it adds up over time.

      Era um pensamento que já havia me ocorrido, com essa mesma frase do Dan John. Colocar LPO (Não apenas isso) como algo a se fazer toda sessão de treino, durante o aquecimento.

    2. being an expert at one task has almost no bearing on the ability to be expert in another task, even if those tasks are somewhat related. 
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