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  1. Nov 2021
    1. Students are also going through trauma. That will go under the mental health issues. The three deaths of students. We are still in a pandemic. Not to mention Tabor walking on campus and scolding us and telling us what we are doing wrong that could also be traumatic or very entertaining. Not only should we do the pass fail thing. But we should have better security. We should have better police. We should also have therapy sessions that deal with traumatic things that have been happening to us. Not only would just make us better students. This would make a better safe campus. And a lot of things have been going on in this fall semester. You know I’m still working on myself. It should not only be pass fail it should be we should work on campus as a whole.

    2. I think it’s unfair to think that this would be a smooth transition. The grading system is unfair as well some teachers grad on a curve some don’t believe in grades and some are nit picky heavy graders. For us to be in school we have to have the high scores if not probation and then getting kiked out of school. Students have other jobs, kids, learn different disabilities, and mental health issues like anxiety and depression.