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  1. Jul 2018
    1. Identify the major parts of the digestive system(e.g., esophagus, intestine, mouth, stomach

      SC State Standard G-3.1.4 One of main lesson topics (digestive system)

    2. D-3.1.1Identify the basic parts of the respiratory system (e.g., lungs, bronchioles, diaphragm)

      1 of 2 Main Science/Health Objectives 3rd Grade health standard

    1. D3.1-7Demonstrate accurate memorization and replication of brief movement sequences

      Movement dance/activity for respiratory and digestive systems. (one dance/mime combination for each body system)

    1. VA3-6.1Identify similarities and connections between the visual arts and other subjects in the school curriculum

      Standard VA3-6.1

    2. the ways that his or her use of organizational principles and expressive features evoke the ideas he or she intended to convey in a work of visual art

      For Unit Plan- connecting health/science lesson to visual arts