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  1. Jan 2022
    1. They are taking the vaccine wars KINETIC: Covid concentration camps ACTIVATED in America, unvaxxed will be kidnapped at gunpoint by left-wing “health officers” with arrest power

      S: Mike Adams from NatrualNews P: To warn the public about supposed "Covid concentration camps" A: NaturalNews readers, typically right-wing anti-vaxxers C:January 10, 2022, COVID-19 pandemic E: Washington's WAC 246-100 bill

    1. Textbooks vs. Tablets

      SPACE CAT:

      Speaker: Rocco Pecoraro

      Purpose: Explain why textbooks are better than tablets

      Audience: School staff, students

      Context: Written in 2015. Ipad Mini 4 came out that year. In 2015, a poll stated that 78 percent of elementary school students say that they regularly use a tablet.

      Exigence: He school started using tablets. Schools started increasing the use of technology that year. He loves and appreciates textbooks.