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  1. Jan 2022
    1. Tablets can cause damage to your eyes.

      Type of Claim: Claim of Fact

      The author states that tablets can cause damage to one's eyes as a true fact without any evidence.

    2. Staff Writer

      Argument Structure: Classical Orientation

      The author uses classical orientation in his article to prove to his audience how his views are correct, and anyone who thinks differently is wrong. The argument is week because it is missing a statement of background, a refutation and a proposition. Without these key elements in Pecoraro's essay, the readers are less likely to be persuaded to join in agreement with him. Without those crucial steps, the readers doubt that Pecoraro knows a lot about the topic at hand. The reader also feels like the author is biased when there is no refutation. The author doesn't even acknowledge there is issues with his opinion. This article is also missing a lot of evidence. The author in each body paragraph practically just states a claim, and then gives his reasoning. Typically not with evidence which also loses his audience's trust. The author lacks pathos, making his audience not persuaded by his essay.

      Type of Claim:Implicit

      The author never directly says his issue with tablets, he just says in several different ways why textbooks are better.

    3. Textbooks vs. Tablets

      SPACE CAT:

      Speaker: Rocco Pecoraro

      Purpose: Explain why textbooks are better than tablets

      Audience: School staff, students

      Context: Written in 2015. Ipad Mini 4 came out that year. In 2015, a poll stated that 78 percent of elementary school students say that they regularly use a tablet.

      Exigence: He school started using tablets. Schools started increasing the use of technology that year. He loves and appreciates textbooks.

    4. I feel that textbooks are much better than tablets because textbooks are irreplaceable.

      Type of Claim: Claim of Value

      Author is arguing in this claim textbooks are good by saying they are better than tablets.By labeling something as better, typically means the person believes that item is good

    5. It’s much cheaper to replace a textbook than a tablet.

      Type of Claim: Claim of Fact

      Author claims textbooks are cheaper than tablets without any proof.

    6. Textbooks are strong and hard to break

      Type of Claim: Claim of Fact

      Author states the sturdiness of textbooks without any evidence backing it up.

    7. According to procon.org, students who look at a screen all day can develop computer vision syndrome.  This syndrome can cause dry eyes, blurred vision, eyestrains, and headaches.

      Type of Evidence: Second-Hand Evidence

      The author is citing evidence from an article he read so he is getting information from the author who got information elsewhere, making the evidence be second-hand.