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  1. Feb 2023
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    1. Μαύρη Αφροδίτη:

      Η περίπτωση της Sarah/Sara/Saartje Baartman, γνωστή και ως "Αφροδίτη των Οτεντότων".

  3. Jun 2020
    1. Londoners were captivated by Sarah Baartman, or r ather, her enormous buttocks and genitalia.Baartman’s Khoi people of s outhern Africa had been classified as the lowest Africans, t he closest t o animals, f or more than a century. Baartman’s buttocks and genitals were i rregularly large among her f el-low Khoi women, n ot t o mention African women across t he continent, or across the Atlantic on Jefferson’s plantation. And yet Baartman’s enormous buttocks and genitals were presented as r egular and authen-tically African.