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  1. Dec 2022
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    1. What is Istio Service Mesh? Let's take a quick look at Istio internals. The Istio architecture can be classified into two distinct planes. Control plane: It consists of the istiod demon, and it manages and configures the envoy proxies to route traffic. The control plane also enforces policies and collects telemetry, and includes components like Pilot for traffic management, Citadel to manage security, and Galley to manage configurations. Data plane: It's made of Envoy proxies deployed as sidecars to our application containers. Envoy is a high-performance, lightweight distributed proxy. It controls all the incoming and outgoing traffic to the container it is attached to. We can use tools like Grafana, Prometheus, Kiali and Zipkin for monitoring and observability as they work well with the telemetry provided by Istio. You can use these or use your existing monitoring stack as well.

      What is Istio Service Mesh?

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    1. 首先第一个,服务网格是抽象的,实际上是抽象出了一个基础设施层,在应用之外

      服务间通讯被完全剥离出来了,通过一个抽象层进行转发,这个抽象层就是服务间通讯专用基础设施层,也就是service mesh

    2. 上面的服务不再负责传递请求的具体逻辑,只负责完成业务处理。服务间通讯的环节就从应用里面剥离出来,呈现出一个抽象层。


      所有的服务通过“服务间通讯专用基础设施层”来和客户端交互<br> 服务不再负责传递请求的具体逻辑<br> 服务只需要完成业务处理<br> 服务间通讯环节从应用里剥离出来

    1. 首先服务网格是一个基础设施层,功能在于处理服务间通信,职责是负责实现请求的可靠传递。在实践中,服务网格通常实现为轻量级网络代理,通常与应用程序部署在一起,但是对应用程序透明

      service mesh 是一个基础设施层

      • 功能:处理服务间通信
      • 职责:实现请求的可靠传递
      • 实现:通常实现为轻量级网络代理 -- proxy
      • 位置:与app部署在一起,对应用程序透明