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    1. I remember Chief Okemos well. He visited my father’s home anumber of times during my boyhood. One time he offered to ex-change a pony for me, telling father he would teach me to fish andhunt like an Indian. I was in my teens when the.last Indian lo-cated in the forest close by us, Game was still plenty, His wasATJR~LIUS T O W N S H I P AND ITS HISTORY 311quite a peaceable family, but someone didn’t like him or didn’twant him to be killing off all the wild game, so he with a jack knifecarved the portrait of an Indian in the bark of a tree where theIndian would be likely to see it, then he fired two or three bulletsinto the picture. This was a suggestion that an Indian alwaysunderstood, so he soon left for other parts. Some of us were sorryto see him go for we liked him, at least I did;
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