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  1. Mar 2023
    1. the dichotomous nature of many of the debates over the future of the book (i.e., print vs. digital) can be traced back to a much larger struggle related to power structures and to who controls (new) knowledge and communication systems within academia.
    2. Instead of seeing the monograph as a fixed object, I present it here as an elaborate set of scholarly practices, structures of knowledge production, and discursive formations, which together enact the dynamic and emergent materiality of this medium. At the same time, in a complex interplay of relations, the scholarly book helps to shape the various formats, debates, and actants that are involved in the processes of knowledge creation. This double aspect of the book, as both enacted and enacting, means that the monograph occupies an important nodal point in this meshwork of relations and thus plays a vital role in determining what kinds of knowledge are possible.

      La definición del debate público ocurre a través de la publicación, en un espectro amplio que cubre tanto el libro monográfico, como en redes sociales.

      Me recuerda el libro "hacerse público" que mencionaba M. y los esfuerzos por hacernos públicos desde el Sur Global, como los que hemos hecho con las comunidades de Grafoscopio y HackBo