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  1. Aug 2023
    1. Wave Farm’s executive director, Galen Joseph-Hunter, says the station grew from the organization’s core belief that “radio should be accessible to the people who live among it.”
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        • radio can be an accessible and democratic form of communication to reach local communities
  2. Mar 2023
    1. You can make an antenna to better receive KOPN! FM antennas work best when they are sized for the wave length you are trying to receive. KOPN’s wave length at 89.5 MHz is 10.99 ft. A folded dipole antenna can be made from a 5 ft. 6 in. length of 300 ohm twin lead antenna cable. Strip both ends of the cable. Twist the two wires together at each end and solder the connection. Cut one of the wires in the exact middle of the cable and strip back both ends. Connect these two ends by twisting and soldering to whatever additional length of twin lead cable you need to reach the 300 ohm antenna connection into your FM receiver.

      DIY Antenna