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  1. Apr 2024
    1. Weshow that the blue leader is ratified by any subsequent cordial leader

      The second supermajority is a set of messages that super-ratifies some message. But here we don't make use of super-ratification. Next leader may observe just one message that super-ratifies.

    2. For each wave, one of the miners is elected as the leader, and if the first round of thewave has a block produced by the leader, then it is the leader block.

      What happens when many users are offline?

      (depends how many, if there's not enough to form supermajority - no messages will be created at all)

      If there's say 1/3, then I guess it'll be 1/3 of fail-to-select-a-leader attempt.

      Also, members could have different stake. Then there may be say 1/5 members that hold supermajority stake, they're online, but the rest 4/5 is not. Then, I guess, there'll be 4/5 failed-to-select-a-leader attempts, on average.