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  1. Jun 2024
    1. Ce qui ne parvient pas à pénétrer dans la tête des gens bombardés par les mauvaises nouvelles de la mutation écologique, c’est l’activité, l’autonomie, la sensibilité à nos actions, des matériaux qui composent les zones critiques où nous résidons to

      Auch hier geht es um die Frage, warum fast niemand auf die öklogischen Bedrohungen reagiert. Die Antwort kann man auch so formulieren: Weil es sich dabei um bl0ß materielle, natürliche Dinge handelt, um de wir uns nicht zu kümmern brauchen. Dass sie als „Natur“ verstanden werden, bedeutet, dass sie keine „matters of concern“ sein können.

    2. Si nous étions dans une situation normale, la plus petite alerte concernant l’état de la Terre et de ses boucles de rétroaction, nous aurait déjà mobilisés, comme nous le faisons pour toute question d’identité, de sécurité ou de propriété.

      Die Frage Latours ist hier: Warum sind die ökologischen Probleme keine „matters of concern“? Die Antwort, die er gibt, ist, dass die Erde historisch zur bloßen Materie ohne eigene Handlungsmacht reduziert wurde. Die Erde ist damit aus der Politik verschwunden, sie wurde entpolitisiert. Eine ökologische Politik ist damit umgekehrt an eine Politisierung der Erde gekoppelt, nicht aus Nostalgie, sondern weil handelnde politische Einheiten nur so definiert oder formatiert werden können, wenn sie die Prozesse in der kritischen Zone nicht ignorieren sollen.

    1. An Authentication Service (AS) that enables group members to authenticate the credentials presented by other group members.

      This is weird. It's meant to be a p2p design, yet it relies on a CA to approve you. It's a single point of failure. May be corrupt.

    2. If a member finds that another member's credential has expired, they may issue a Remove that removes that member.

      That is strange. You need to periodically pop online to renew credentials or you're kicked out.

    1. The Delivery Service cannot guarantee that application messages won't be dropped within the same epoch. To address this, applications can configure the maximum_forward_distance parameter of the SenderRatchetConfiguration. The configuration can be set as the sender_ratchet_configuration parameter of the MlsGroupCreateConfig
    2. The Delivery Service cannot guarantee that application messages will arrive in order within the same epoch. To address this, applications can configure the out_of_order_tolerance parameter of the SenderRatchetConfiguration. The configuration can be set as the sender_ratchet_configuration parameter of the MlsGroupCreateConfig
    3. The Delivery Service cannot guarantee that application messages from one epoch are sent before the beginning of the next epoch. To address this, applications can configure their groups to keep the necessary key material around for past epochs by setting the max_past_epochs field in the MlsGroupCreateConfig to the desired number of epochs

      This is not reliable, no certain knowledge that any further messages won't come.

  2. May 2024
    1. The master key may also be used to sign other items such as the backup key

      Given her master key is compromised (and that is the case when she'd like to rotate) nothing stops the compromised to issue and sign a new backup key.

      Better: use pre-rotation of KERI.

    2. a master key (MSK) that serves as the user’s identity in cross-signing and signs their other cross-signing keys

      Is a point of failure / weakest link in this chain - compomise of one key is enough to compromise Alice's identity.

      Also, requires it to be replicated across her divecise, if she wishes to add new device from any device.

    1. An escrow cache of unverified out-of-order event provides an opportunity for malicious at-tackers to send forged event that may fill up the cache as a type of denial of service attack. Forthis reason escrow caches are typically FIFO (first-in-first-out) where older events are flushed tomake room for newer events.

      This may misfire, when there's a ton of valid events to sync, whose amount is greater than the cache limit.

      May happen when adding a new witness, requiring to sync the entire history. (do we need to provide it the entire history though? only the last not-yet-verified events are of interest for the controller to be signed by the witness)

  3. Apr 2024
    1. Alternatively, a simple public key canserve as an identifier, eliminating the DID/DIDDoc abstraction2

      This would require having private key portable. Which is not secure.

    1. Finality: A p-block consumes a non-p-block b′ with a payment to p only if r approves b′.

      Would be nice to have finality optional. As to not incur round-trip to a possibly offline r. Double-spends will be detected and punished. Given the value of double-spend spend is less than a cost - no incentive to do so.

    2. The black agent mints a black coin, increasing its balance from 3 to 4 coins

      Why to capture 4? Ops like burn(10), mint(1) do the same, yet being more semantic, as they convey what happens, rather than the result.

      E.g., when green has 3 green_coins, and we see send(1, green_coin, (to) black), send(3, green_coins, (to) green) did green just miscalculated his balance (should be 2), or did he sent and minted one at the same time?

    3. C

      That looks messy, accidentally so, it seems.

      1. Green agent only needs to REDEEM(green_coin) op to convey what he wants.

      2. Self-payments are redundant.

      3. Links other than self-parent and other-parent(s) are redundant. You can derive anybody's balance out of their self-parent chain.

      3.1 Other-parent_s_ make the order of received messages ambiguous.

      1. REPAY is redundant. When REDEEM is received, and given one can indeed redeem (recepient has his coin at the moment of receival) - the REDEEM should be automatic. I.e., plainly observing that REDEEM been accepted by recepient is enough to derive out of it one of 1) it's a suffessfull redeem 2) it's a failed redeem.
    4. Agree to redeem any domestic coin issued in return for any foreign coin held. Forexample, Alice must agree to a request by Bob to redeem an Alice-coin Bob holds against any coin heldby Alice.

      The device of Alice may be offline, e.g., smartphone discharged. We can't assume constant connectivity.

    1. For each wave, one of the miners is elected as the leader, and if the first round of thewave has a block produced by the leader, then it is the leader block.

      What happens when many users are offline?

      (depends how many, if there's not enough to form supermajority - no messages will be created at all)

      If there's say 1/3, then I guess it'll be 1/3 of fail-to-select-a-leader attempt.

      Also, members could have different stake. Then there may be say 1/5 members that hold supermajority stake, they're online, but the rest 4/5 is not. Then, I guess, there'll be 4/5 failed-to-select-a-leader attempts, on average.

  4. Jan 2024
    1. Why should this conversation be separate from other conversations about the work to be done? Design is one consideration alongside frontend and backend considerations, which often all intersect and require the same participants. Shifting this discussion to a separate work item can result in disjointed conversations and difficulty finding where a decision was made.
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  10. Apr 2022
    1. ReconfigBehSci [@i]. (2021, November 27). @STWorg @PhilippMSchmid @CorneliaBetsch this clip got me too- for non-German speakers. She is asked whether she is ‘concerned’. Her response: Of course I’m concerned, I’m double vexed, I’m waiting for my booster vaccination, my husband died of Covid, I was in hospital, now I’m avoiding my grand children [Tweet]. Twitter. https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1464660287739596802

    1. ReconfigBehSci on Twitter: ‘@STWorg @PhilippMSchmid @CorneliaBetsch and every now and then we have to watch a clip like this to be reminded what all of this is really about. This pain and suffering is happening in one of the richest countries in the world at a time in the pandemic when we know exactly what to do to avoid it’ / Twitter. (n.d.). Retrieved 22 April 2022, from https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1464662622440144896

  11. Feb 2022
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  12. Jan 2022
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  13. Dec 2021
  14. Nov 2021
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  15. Oct 2021
  16. Sep 2021
    1. Kraemer, M. U. G., Hill, V., Ruis, C., Dellicour, S., Bajaj, S., McCrone, J. T., Baele, G., Parag, K. V., Battle, A. L., Gutierrez, B., Jackson, B., Colquhoun, R., O’Toole, Á., Klein, B., Vespignani, A., COVID-19 Genomics UK (COG-UK) Consortium‡, Volz, E., Faria, N. R., Aanensen, D. M., … Pybus, O. G. (2021). Spatiotemporal invasion dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 lineage B.1.1.7 emergence. Science, 373(6557), 889–895. https://doi.org/10.1126/science.abj0113

  17. Aug 2021
    1. Prof Tolullah Oni. (2021, February 19). Last night @SliderCuts & I discussed qq his 95k+ followers have about #COVID19 vaccines. Went on > 1.5 hrs in the end!! Pple have reasonable concerns that need to be heard and understood & happy to (hopefully) help address. Watch here https://instagram.com/tv/CLcu-UFB8Xy/?igshid=irvs1mlis0o9 @IndependentSage https://t.co/ssxAX2fcfE [Tweet]. @DrTolullah. https://twitter.com/DrTolullah/status/1362702943179464706

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