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  1. Feb 2023
    1. cobalt mine in Idaho’s Salmon River Mountains,
      • = example tradeoff
        • cobalt mine in Idaho’s Salmon River Mountains
    2. Coosa County, Alabama, express similar concerns over plans to mine graphite,
      • = example tradeoff
        • graphite mine Alabama
    3. northern Nevada, where his group has joined a lawsuit against a proposed open-pit lithium mine in Thacker Pass
      • = example tradeoff
        • open pit Lithium mine in Nevada
    4. Twin Metals Mine near Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Wilderness as another example. Here the target is nickel, another important EV metal mined in only one U.S. location. In a political tug-of-war, the mine’s long-held leases were denied renewal by Obama, reinstated under Trump, and then canceled under Biden.
      • = example tradeoff
        • nickel in Minnesota
    5. Lange says that’s certainly the case in Alaska, where copper and cobalt rest beneath rolling tundra in the Ambler district south of the Brooks Range. Accessing it would require a 200-mile road through traditional Alaska Native lands, caribou habitat and Gates of the Arctic National Park, with gravel quarries dug every 10 miles. It’s something state leaders support but state and national environmental groups and several Indigenous communities oppose.
      • = example tradeoff
        • cobalt and copper in Alaska
    6. likely raise environmental concerns.
      • = tradeoff of environmental concerns
      • "lesser of two evils" choice