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  1. Sep 2017
    1. Duncombe was frustrated by the liberal left’s insistence on using dry logic to make political arguments. He looked to the political right and far left as groups that fostered affective fantasies. To him, an “ethical spectacle” is participatory fantasy that is open-ended, transparent, and performative (Duncombe, 2007, p. 17). Duncombe saw ethical spectacles as directly democratic, breaking down hierarchies, fostering communities, and encouraging diversity. He held a strong form of participation, as participants in a spectacle “must also contribute to its construction” (Duncombe, 2007, p. 127). The civic

      imagination is activated and becomes visible through communication because it is intrinsically linked with spectacle, action, and performance

      Acá quizás lo que mejor podría funcionar sería el caracter celebratorio del encuentro, particularmente en Latinoamérica. Habría que contrastar la lógica de los grandes espectáculos con la idea de la celebración a pequeña escala.