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  1. Jul 2022
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    1. A comprehensive set of five levers (95) forthis transformative change emerged from ourunprecedentedly broad and rigorous analysisof the many possible levers that have beenproposed previously: (i) developing incentivesand widespread capacity for environmentalresponsibility and eliminating perverse incen-tives; (ii) reforming sectoral and segmenteddecision-making to promote integration acrosssectors and jurisdictions; (iii) taking preemptiveand precautionary actions in regulatory andmanagement institutions and businesses toavoid, mitigate, and remedy the deteriorationof nature, and monitoring their outcomes;(iv) managing for resilient social and ecologicalsystems in the face of uncertainty and com-plexity to deliver decisions that are robust in awide range of scenarios; and (v) strengthen-ing environmental laws and policies and theirimplementation, and the rule of law moregenerally.

      Five levers for transformative change emerged from this research: 1. Incentives and capacity for environmental responsibility / disincentifying perverse incentives (ie. fossil fuel industry) 2. integrated decision-making across silos 3. pre-emptive action in regulatory, business and management institutions to monitor and mitigate environmental destruction 4. implement resiliency in human and natural systems 5. strengthen environmental law

      They miss harnessing the power of the commons!