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  1. Apr 2024
    1. my favorite detail about this scene is how he's holding the coffee mug at the end. He has his hand on the hot part not by the handle, almost like a last bit of comfort/distraction, a little warmth, the very thing that brought life in the first place.

      people holding warm drinks induce "warm" feelings in viewers.<br /> teddy was alone at the dinner, so the cup of coffee was his only friend.<br /> earlier in the movie, there are at least 2 references to "this technology is the friend we need"<br /> ref 1 at the "bash liif presentation" at 0:25:30 - "all of my life's work, really i see, has been driven by an inexpressible need for a friend, who would understand and soothe me."<br /> "if i feel sad, afraid, or alone ..."<br /> 0:56:20 "lot of fear out there ... parents dont know what to say to their kids ..."<br /> "your words are a great comfort to our viewers ..."<br /> "whenever i feel afraid or alone in this, i think of you, and i just feel better"<br /> ref 2 01:18:40 "And who knows? Maybe, just maybe,<br /> one of our scientists can be that friend we all need to lean on during uncertain times."<br /> its also a personality test. in times of stress, some people prefer company (neurotic types, dependent, followers), and some people prefer solitude (psychotic types, free, leaders).