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  1. Feb 2023

      cmake list(PREPEND CMAKE_MODULE_PATH "${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/cmake/modules" )

  2. Nov 2022
  3. Sep 2022
    1. We are tolerant of the diversity of viewpoints within our movement; however, we condemn and distance ourselves from any group or individual that (un)intentionally harms, or promotes harm to, other individuals or groups. Examples of initiatives we actively distance ourselves from are: Far right and extremist political groups/movementsIndividuals or groups that practice or espouse discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, sexuality or gender identityIndividuals or groups that engage in anti-democratic practices

      aka "intolerance is not tolerated"

      LOL was für opfer

  4. Jul 2022
    1. "So ein Schwachsinn": „QUERDENKEN“-Rednerin vergleicht sich mit Sophie Scholl

      die "szene" mit dem order ist ja mal sowas von gestellt und fake. so ein richtiger schauspieler = sabotage-agent

      typisch für lügenpresse:

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      harmoniesucht gegen streitlust

  5. Jun 2022
    1. die pille schmeckt so bitter

      ich bin sowas wie erleuchtet

    1. 10:00 nacktschule in florida. nudity is expected. FKK

    2. 8:20 summerhill school. keine regeln. freischule

    3. 5:50 "dass jeder schüler so sein kann wie er will"

      haha, diese scheiss pseudo toleranz

      ich will serienmörder sein, und jetz?

  6. May 2022
    1. conservatives were also more likely to make errors of commission

      = false positive

      = wrong inclusion

      = false friend

  7. Apr 2022
    1. Thinking about that made me appreciative of people who never took any such class, often had no formal education, and yet they made the right choice instinctively. These people, many of whom are my readers, are worthy of admiration, if for no other reason than remarkable independence of thinking and a clear mind in a very confusing, dangerous, and rapidly shifting situation.

      intuition is the word for "people who never took any such class, often had no formal education, and yet they made the right choice instinctively."

    1. Long-term reproducibility with Nix and Software Heritage



      Ideally, Nix fetchers and these package repositories would provide checksums of the unpacked contents of their packages as much as possible.

      aka "git tree hash"

      "ideally" the world would just switch everything to git-sha256, so we have sha256 as a "global ID" (sha1 was chosen for local collision-resistance) (also github is blocking this migration to git-sha256) (git's "safe sha1" is just a stupid workaround)

      see also my rant https://discourse.nixos.org/t/nix-sha256-is-bug-not-feature-solution-a-global-cas-filesystem/15791

      related: docker layers are "content hashed" compared to the OCI format which is "tarball hashed". problem with "content hashed" is: its slower than "tarball hashed" but this could be a bug in the tarsum program, used in nixpkgs//pkgs/build-support/docker/default.nix

  8. Mar 2022
    1. Rammstein - Deutschland

      people who still associate/accuse germany with nazism have never heard of "operation paperclip"

      in operation paperclip, nazi scientists were extracted to USA and friends, to continue the nazi tradition of cultural warfare, spiritual warfare, collectivist reeducation, soft power, mental slavery, mind control, … joseph mengele was one of the fathers of MK ultra

    1. cooperation over individualism

      socialism. "caring culture", opposite of "results culture" in spencer stuart cultural alignment framework

    1. becoming a talent magnet will be challenging for many family businesses. Those that succeed will be rewarded with loyal and highly capable employees who are ready to help the business achieve its aspirations for growth and profitability.
    1. Any company, family-run or otherwise, needs employees who are passionate about both the corporation and their role within it

      voluntary. internal motivation

    1. groups, especially if they include nonexperts, are better at making decisions than individuals


    2. one reason they're so innovative is they're constrained


    3. young companies typically fail because you have a charismatic leader with a bunch of beliefs, but those beliefs don't translate to the rest of their company

      failure in communication

    4. empower the children. The key to the meetings is to let the kids pick their own rewards and punishments

      give control

    5. family meeting. Following the lead of the Starrs and others, we ask three questions, all adapted from agile: 1) What went well in our family this week? 2) What didn't go well? 3) What will we agree to work on this week?


    6. more agile system, in which ideas would not just flow down from the top but also percolate up


    7. weekly family meetings increased communication, improved productivity, lowered stress and made everyone much happier to be part of the family team


    8. David is a software engineer

      le smart guy <3

    9. agile development that has rapidly spread from manufacturers in Japan to startups in Silicon Valley. It's a system of group dynamics in which workers are organized into small teams, hold daily progress sessions and weekly reviews


  9. Feb 2022
    1. avoiding pasture-raised animal products produces a plethora of deficiencies of nutrients that are essential to our health. By not eating meat, you are depriving the body of zinc, vitamins B12 and D to name just some of the most crucial ones, and vegan diets are inherently low fat, which can also cause a lot of problems.


    1. converting his diet to solely Huel shakes for 4 days

      4 days? lol

      ive been eating "mostly huel" for 2 years now, feeling good

      the taste gets boring over time, my favorite sidefoods are salad, chicken, fish

    1. 5. Emotional Issues Rule The Co-Parenting Relationship: There are some parents who either can’t or obstinately refuse to move past emotional issues left over from the divorce. If your co-parent is passive aggressive or, God forbid, you are co-parenting with a narcissist, you will find that regardless of how civil you attempt to be the co-parenting relationship will be riddled with conflict. How can this conflict be resolved? Unless the parent with emotional issues seeks help, there will be no resolution. A parent with a personality disorder has an inherent blind spot when it comes to what is and isn’t in their children’s best interest. As the reasonable, healthy parent you need to focus on the fact that you are dealing with someone with psychological issues and do the work needed to protect your children from harm.

      toxic rationality

      "emos are sick and need therapy"

      "ratios are sane and should decide everything"

      fuck you

    1. You met me at a very strange time in my life
    2. Who

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    3. Humans have defeated all systems of self-regulation


    1. inevitable

      bullshit. only death is "inevitable", everything else is variable

    2. disappearance of the United States as we know it

      replaced by china + russia

    3. transformation

      why reform?

      why not revolution?

      let me guess, cos personality type

      then why is your type better than my type?

    4. reduce all three multiplicative factors in the I = PAT equation (population, affluence/consumption, and the use of environmentally malign technologies)

      bill gates:

      CO2 = P x S x E x C

      P = People<br /> S = Services per Person<br /> E = Energy per Service<br /> C = CO2 per Energy

      paul ehrlich:

      I = PAT

      P = Population<br /> A = Affluence, weight of destructive technology<br /> T = Technology destroying nature

    5. humanely

      fuck off with your "pretty" solutions

      we tried this the last 10k years, and it was a DISASTER

    6. society could revert to the sort of conditions that prevailed in the Dark Ages, with fundamentalist religions and local despots playing a greater and greater role in human affairs

      at least with "local despots", people know who is the boss, who is responsible

      in contrast to the faceless bureaucracy of large organizations (cities, states, corporations)

    7. national governments could be so weakened that they would be replaced by something resembling feudalism with a strong overlay of tribalism

      good news

      megavillages are the problem (cities, states)

      villages are the solution = 150 people = dunbar's number

      villages must be isolated from neighbor villages, so we need tribal warfare

    8. rely much more on nation-scale cooperative ventures

      long distance dependencies, "petrol from africa", "products from china"

      aka colonialism, imperialism

    9. simply don't care

      dead already, but still alive

      followers with weak opinions

    10. unable to grasp humanity's plight

      the stupid majority

    11. urbanization

      village = 150 people

      city > 150 people

      dunbar's number

    12. population pressures and the political stability of nations

      weapons of mass migrations, attack on welfare states

    13. democracy as a form of government will be at risk


      democracy, socialism, pacifism ... are part of the problem

    14. What do we gain by playing "environmental roulette"

      innocent suicide.

      by producing more and more humans, we kill all humans.

    1. “In the short term we’re pretty clearly going to be based in physical reality and I certainly wouldn’t recommend abandoning it,” Chalmers says. “But in the longer term, it’s possible to imagine people spending most of their lives inside virtual reality.”


      most people will survive the next few years, but in maybe ten years, most of them will be dead.

  10. Jan 2022
    1. larger scavengers, such as dogs and children

      : D

    2. Once muscle and ligament have been sliced away, the head can be cleanly removed by gripping it on either side and twisting it off


    1. If any of my workers wants to drink, he must leave the village to do so!

      NIMBY. not in my back yard.

    1. there's no simple system

      then all systems are wrong.

      truth is simple.

    2. most popular

      popular != correct.

      except you believe in majority vote.

    3. Many researchers have set out to answer this question

      oh really? where? what keyword?

    1. institutions are eager to promote any successful research


      what about the "unsuccessful" research?

      what about the "high risk" proposals?

      -> publication bias.

    2. well known

      mainstream, established, "old", elitist, "professional" (first you must study five years and earn your LICENSE = diploma), exclusive, highly selective, "biased" (to what?), "conservative", fear of embarassment ("we dont do pseudoscience!"), dogmatic, slow, cautious, "realism over idealism"

    1. non-survival

      play, playful, homo ludens

    2. hierarchic


    3. necessarily controversial

      because no one wants to admit he is a "stupid" "dyadic-thinker". at least not in public.

    4. rarely significant

      because all "higher" complexity can be expressed as recursion of triadic relations ("double-linked lists"), which is NOT possible with dyadic relations ("single-linked lists")

    5. complexity

      quantity versus quality ... serial versus parallel processing

    6. simple binary correlations


    7. at the same time

      parallel processing

    8. does not focus on “triads”

      ... but on dyads = dyadic relations = black-white thinking = subject-object relations = ...

    9. Opinion

      strong opinion

  11. Oct 2021
    1. After applying a git-filter-repo to replace a mail address in a whole repository, I found out that ALL the commit where considered to be replaced.

      as expected

      when rewriting git history, you also change the parent fields of child commits, like in a git rebase