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  1. Aug 2023
    1. Mind Like a Sky

      A very useful [[meditation]] by [[Lidia Zylowska]] that asks the listener to focus on their thoughts. Seems similar to [[Mahamudra chopping]] (a la [[Loch Kelly]]). Possibly needs to be adapted for those with [[aphantasia]] or [[people who don't have inner speech]].

  2. Jul 2023
    1. We are all related
      • for: cognitive B journey
        • relationship to other people through time
      • Guided mediation

        • We are all related
      • comment

        • further study the reasoning
    2. uided meditation: When did your life begin?
      • Guided meditation
        • When did your life begin?
        • Regress to your mother's egg divided to determine which gene to pass on to you.
          • this, while inside her mother's womb
        • Regress 40 generations for 1000 years (average lifespan was 25 years!)
        • Regress a billion years, then 4 billion
        • With each regression stage, your ancestors were other species and ultimately, nonbiotic life as well.
      • comment
        • this has limitations as well, as it is bu ilt on scientific narratives subject to change.
    3. Guided meditation: The carbon cycle
      • Guided meditation
        • consciousness thinking about its own atomic constituent
      • Carbon cycle meditation

        • to help achieve awareness of our physical connection to the world
      • Comment

        • This is a limited practice as it still depends on conceptual models.
        • An atom is not an object we can directly experience phenomenologically.
        • Rather, it is a conceptual model and through social norm of using it as if it were phenomenologically a directly experienced object, we confuse ideas of phenomena with the phenomena itself
        • One way to determine if it is a fundamental human quality or if it is simply one narrative, is to determine if there are people such an exercise would NOT resonate with?
          • For instance, it would likely not resonate strongly with
            • climate deniers,
            • uneducated people
            • religious fundamentalists
        • to develop a method to reach ALL people, we need to look at even more fundamental commonalities - namely, how we use language to mediate reality
        • Perhaps a BEing journey can consist of two lievels
          • 1st level: conceptual
            • do the BEing journey as described using conventional concepts
          • 2nd level: meta-level
            • observe how you construct the narrative using language
        • it could be good to animate this with AI drawing program
    4. guided meditation to help achieve this awareness of our physical connection to the world around us.
      • comment
        • these guided meditations are interesting because they are one level of our superorganism (consciousness)
          • thinking about a lower level of the same human superorganism
            • carbon molecule that was part of us
            • genetic material that was part of our ancestors going back billions of years