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  1. Mar 2024
    1. utopia. tribalism. such pacifist utopias only work in limited small spaces = islands.<br /> but in unlimited large spaces = continents, permanent tribal warfare is required to keep tribes small.<br /> so paradise on earth fails because people want "peace" and "order"<br /> while subconsciously, everything goes to shit, and the warfare moves to psychological warfare

    1. yeah. but the actual problem is pacifism and overpopulation.<br /> all other problems, including world wars, are only symptoms of pacifism and overpopulation.<br /> this is just another intelligence test, and again, most people fail, most people are idiots

    1. blue church, blue pills, victim mentality, pacifism, ...<br /> these people say: psychological violence is better than physical violence.<br /> tears are better than blood.<br /> this is why truthers are often painted as "violent", meaning physically violent

  2. Feb 2024
    1. pacifism is the problem. this is a pacifistic mass murder, to fix the global overpopulation