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  1. May 2017
    1. p. 283 Ahhh. argues that it is the change of medium that priviledges the original in print culture, "hetereogeneity of the techniques used in successive segments"

    2. p. 283 argues that manuscript copies are "facsimiles" and carry the "aura" of the original. This doesn't seem true to me at all!

    3. p. 282 Argues that the marginal cost of production in manuscript culture is similar to digital in that the first copy is as expensive as the last "a situation to which we are actually returning now with digital copies" (but this is infact not true: the first copy contains all the costs in digital).

    4. p. 280 discusses how we say that a performance of a play, for example, revives an original, but we don't say this about facsimiles of things.

    5. 279 Argues that print authors are famous because they are reproduced