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  1. Apr 2024
    1. The work of research, teacher development andsupport, curriculum, assessment and policy development are not closely alignedto the social and linguistic contexts of our children and their teachers. Children arefailing not because teachers are inherently problematic, but because the work hasnot been done to provide teachers and learners with a good fighting chance at thechalk-face.The results of the work suggest the basis for a new horizon. With a carefullyfield-tested structured toolkit and support, a collective of rural foundationphase classrooms with some of the lowest results in the country in literacy andmathematics are starting to function like more normal schools.

      Silver lining. It's not teachers - we need more toolkits for teachers and learners. My app is PART OF this tool kit, it's one small piece needed, not all applications cover all bases and mine won't either. But this is the gap I need to show in my paper - we need more apps and tools to assist.

    2. educationaldesign research methodology.

      Educational design research methodology.