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  1. Nov 2023
  2. Feb 2023
    1. Toward integrating solutions: IF the whole spectrum of activist individuals and orgs, around the world - of ALL races, nationalities and religions - would communicate, cooperate, and coordinate to an unprecedented degree - the synergy of our collective effort - and perhaps nothing less - COULD counter-balance the disproportionate wealth, power & influence of the long coordinated super-rich less-than-1%."

      mass mobilization

  3. Jul 2022
    1. Chapter 5: Demand, services and social aspects of mitigation

      Public Annotation of IPCC Report AR6 Climate Change 2022 Mitigation of Climate Change WGIII Chapter 5: Demand, Services and Social Aspects of Mitigation

      NOTE: Permission given by one of the lead authors, Felix Creutzig to annotate with caveat that there may be minor changes in the final version.

      This annotation explores the potential of mass mobilization of citizens and the commons to effect dramatic demand side reductions. It leverages the potential agency of the public to play a critical role in rapid decarbonization.