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  1. Feb 2024
    1. me, Amin Taha + Groupwork and Pierre Bidaud of the Stone Masonry Company,

      for - new stone age - stone age renaissance - stone architecture - practitioners - Amin Taha - Steve Webb - Pierre Bidaud

    2. for - sustainable architecture - a new stone age - the return of stone - meme - a new stone age

      story details - Title: Why the time is ripe for a return to stone as a structural material - Author: Steve Webb - Date: 2023, May 29 - source: https://www.ribaj.com/intelligence/stone-as-a-structural-material-embodied-carbon-sustainability

      meme - new stone age

      summary - Stone buildings have lasted millenia. Compared to steel, concrete and CLT, post-tensioned stone has the least embodied energy of all. - Could we also modernize ancient animal and human powered labor to create a low carbon stone building industry? -