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  1. Apr 2024
    1. If the context has changed


      "Ny is a great city."

      Alice removes "great".

      Bob wonts to replace it with "gorgeous", by removing "reat" and adding "orgeous".

      Having merged:

      "Ny is a orgeous city."

      Begs for semantic intent preservation, such as "reword great to gorgeous".

    1. The black agent mints a black coin, increasing its balance from 3 to 4 coins

      Why to capture 4? Ops like burn(10), mint(1) do the same, yet being more semantic, as they convey what happens, rather than the result.

      E.g., when green has 3 green_coins, and we see send(1, green_coin, (to) black), send(3, green_coins, (to) green) did green just miscalculated his balance (should be 2), or did he sent and minted one at the same time?