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  1. Apr 2024
    1. Culture is arbitrary, contrived… fabricated.

      for - quote - culture is fictitious

      quote - My take-away from this prescription is that - living in an illusion of your own creation is more stable than - living in an illusion created by others. - You’re better able to control your own fantasy than the cultural fiction you were born into. - I don’t doubt the logic of this, - but it’s still a cosmic cop-out. - Culture is - arbitrary, - contrived… - fabricated. - And if meaning is derived from our participation in the cultural hero-system, - then meaning is fictional too. \ -That doesn’t make meaning or culture superfluous – - indeed, they are deadly serious - but it does make them artificial. - Your sense of - inner worth and - importance, - your self-esteem and - self-assuredness, -rests entirely on make-believe.