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  1. Jan 2024
    1. since then, American families have lost more than $7 trillion in equity in their homes. There's been a lot of foreclosures, but guess who's buying up those foreclosed homes? 00:12:49 It's big capital. They're stepping in and now they're financializing houses.
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        • speculative institutional investors have bought up trillions of dollars of foreclosure homes and increase profits for their shareholders by:
          • neglecting maintenance
          • raising rents
          • pursuing aggressive evictions
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        • In Cincinnati, the Port of Cincinnati bought back 200 homes from private equity firms and did the opposite
          • stabilize rents
          • perform required maintenance
          • training renters to become home owners
    2. I have a financial advisor who came to me with an investment opportunity, not that I'm some big mucky muck, but I have a little bit of investments and it was investing in wind. And I read through the materials and I was, and I went to my advisor and I said, so am I actually investing in the productive growth and development of wind farms?
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        • Marjorie tells the story of her financial investor who was clueless about whether this investment she was advocating for was derivatives that invest nothing in production and development of wind technology, or not.
    3. when we're investing in the stock market, we're mostly just hoping that the value of those shares will rise. That money is not actually reaching companies and being used in productive ways. And that's true. We can see it with private equity too.
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        • stock market
          • money is not reaching companies and being used in a productive way
          • part of it must be, but whenever shareholders take earnings, then it's extracted out
        • private equity
          • when private equity firms buy companies then layoff staff and cut back spending on services, they pocket all that money for the shareholders. It's a way for the rich to maintain their supremacy position
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        • In its simplest expression, it is greed in action
        • It is what maintains the 1% / 99% divide
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        • We need to replace WALL street with WELL street!