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  1. Dec 2023
    1. even religious people would openly tell 00:08:19 you that all the gods in the world are fictional stories invented by humans except one not my God my God is is true but Zeus and Shiva and whatever other 00:08:33 gods other people have they are fictions invented by humans and um I think that again the scientific consensus is is is just the same view with an addition of 00:08:46 one additional God my God is also like Zeus and and and like Jupiter and like Thor and like all these others it is also a fictional story created by humans
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        • Harari is saying that both science and the diversity of religions are both telling a story. Both are fictional in the deeper sense that they are all stories and stories are all created by humans in the symbolosphere
        • Science, or religion, cannot be found merely in the books that write about them, no matter how many libraries or harddrives of 1s and 0s they take up
        • How do we know this? Easy. If an ant or butterfly or sunflower is exposed to a physical book or pdf on on ANY scientific subject, or ANY religious topic, will it understand it? No, of course not. Only a human fully conditioned into the symbolosphere will be able to interact with that physical or informational object and get something meaningful out of it. That is because we have all learned to co-participate in a collective meaningverse.