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  1. Mar 2018
    1. "But if I show you a green A, you hate it. I've had to change the colours of fonts on my power point slides in the past when giving presentations to synaesthetes."

      I can't even look at pictorial depictions that run opposite to mine--gives me a headache. Completely different ones don't bother me though.

    2. time-space variant is one of three types that has only been properly described within the last few years.

      So I guess I wasn't really meant to find out until now, because, if I had googled it years ago, I might not have found it.

    1. When she thinks of a date she feels herself travel along the calendar to the right spot. She has a separate, hoop-shaped calendar for days of the week. Both have been part of her life for as long as she can remember.

      I never travel along, but I do see the spot and I can point to it regardless of what year it's in.

    1. When someone mentions a year, I see the oval with myself at the very bottom, Christmas day to be precise. As soon as a month is given, I see exactly where that month is on the oval. As I move through the year, I am very aware of my place on the oval at the current time, and the direction I am moving in.”

      This is very similar to what I experience!