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    1. They also have a sound

      I recently learned about ticker-tape synesthesia. My sister has it. In addition to "closed captioning for life", many folks with it see the words they read in their heads as they read them (leading to a doubling of the words). It's made me think about the process of reading in a whole new way...

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    1. The people with the strongest networks are the ones who build real relationships because those are the ties that you can count on. Friends always ask me how I know so many people. My superpower is that I have a somewhat photographic memory for faces which helps me to remember people, although this has declined with age. I could remember someone I met only briefly over twenty years ago or see a photo of someone and remember the context (this has definitely freaked people out).

      I wonder how many super-networkers have time-space/calendar synesthesia?

  8. Aug 2018
    1. They did that to the point where  there were more asterisks on the page than stars in the sky. Despite all this, the annotations did not mean anything to the students.

      Keeping in mind that different people learn in different ways, there's another possible way of looking at this.

      Some people learn better aurally than visually. Some remember things better by writing them down. I know a few synaesthetes who likely might learn better by using various highlighting colors. Perhaps those who highlight everything are actually helping their own brains to learn by doing this?

      This said, I myself still don't understand people who are highlighting everything in their books this way. I suspect that some are just trying and imitating what they've seen before and just haven't learned to read and annotate actively.

      Helping students to discover how they best learn can be a great hurdle to cross, particularly at a young age. Of course, this being said, we also need to help them exercise the other modalities and pathways to help make them more well-rounded and understanding as well.

  9. Mar 2018
    1. "But if I show you a green A, you hate it. I've had to change the colours of fonts on my power point slides in the past when giving presentations to synaesthetes."

      I can't even look at pictorial depictions that run opposite to mine--gives me a headache. Completely different ones don't bother me though.

    2. time-space variant is one of three types that has only been properly described within the last few years.

      So I guess I wasn't really meant to find out until now, because, if I had googled it years ago, I might not have found it.

    1. When she thinks of a date she feels herself travel along the calendar to the right spot. She has a separate, hoop-shaped calendar for days of the week. Both have been part of her life for as long as she can remember.

      I never travel along, but I do see the spot and I can point to it regardless of what year it's in.

    1. When someone mentions a year, I see the oval with myself at the very bottom, Christmas day to be precise. As soon as a month is given, I see exactly where that month is on the oval. As I move through the year, I am very aware of my place on the oval at the current time, and the direction I am moving in.”

      This is very similar to what I experience!