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  1. Jul 2023
    1. the trouble with that film is that maybe first of all no one who is an Evangelical Christian where I live is 00:06:00 actually going to watch that film second of all those guys already know in a way what the film is saying
      • critique of Don't look up
        • "I told you so" approach
        • we don't need any more wagging the finger
        • it shouldn't be staged as missing things, as efficiency
        • it should be staged as increasing pleasure of being a living being in the biosphere
      • comment
        • the film fails to reach the audience that could lead to deep transformation
        • evangelical Christians' narrative is already that an apocalypse is coming and THAT is the transformative event that will clean up an imperfect earth
  2. May 2023
    1. far 00:28:27 from delivering Utopia
      • quote worthy
      • "far from delivering Utopia

        • what it mostly delivers is a commodification of the human body
        • that disproportionately benefits those who already have power and privilege."
        • Mary Harrington

        • I don't think we can put this back in its box in that again

        • I agree with you but to my eye the proper response to this era is
          • not stamping our foot on the accelerator but
          • two-fold resistance and a two or perhaps even just a two-fold note of caution
            • firstly in retaining a humanist anthropology in defiance of all those currently sawing away at the branch we're sitting on and
            • secondly in mounting a vigorous defense of those without power
              • now increasingly at the sharp end of biotech's unacknowledged glass politics