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  1. May 2023
    1. He will give us “all things.”

      That's sound logic, but there's no evidence of an actual God actually giving "all things" to any people, let alone his followers.

      Notice how Dr. Piper realizes he needs to qualify this promise, in the next paragraphs, by explaining that "all things" doesn't really mean all things!

    2. If you don’t have the resources to do it, he doesn’t expect you to do it.

      This is a very common cop-out, throughout the Bible. A grand promise is made, and then an all-encompassing excuse is tacked on to explain that anytime the promise is unmet, it means the promise doesn't apply.

  2. Feb 2021
  3. May 2020
    1. In any case, the Owner will gladly help to clarify the specific legal basis that applies to the processing, and in particular whether the provision of Personal Data is a statutory or contractual requirement, or a requirement necessary to enter into a contract.

      What kind of cop-out legal text is this that you generated, iebenda??

  4. Jan 2020
  5. Dec 2019
    1. A 2009 study of Wikipedia found that most weasel words in it could be divided into three main categories:[13] Numerically vague expressions (for example, "some people", "experts", "many", "evidence suggests") Use of the passive voice to avoid specifying an authority (for example, "it is said") Adverbs that weaken (for example, "often", "probably")
  6. Sep 2018
    1. Simply put, the modern economy is evolving beyond the constraints of traditional work models. As a society, we are demanding the freedom of flexible work environments. Collectively, we are breaking barriers and smashing limitations, especially when it comes to making a living. The time is ripe for us to champion our own destiny by harnessing the power of the gig economy to spur lasting social change.

      This is all very "uplifting," but this entire paragraph is devoid of meaning. When is it NOT the time to "champion our own destiny?" What does it even mean to "harness the power of the gig economy to spur lasting social change?" What sort of change? People can't afford to live in Silicon Valley. The ethos of the tech companies show that they don't care about the communities of which they are a part.

  7. May 2016