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    1. First, agendas are great for grouping actions for frequent communications, so yes, they're actions. However, it's absolutely crucial that agendas be used only for *regular* meetings, i.e., those that are automatic, say once-a-week or so. If you don't have meetings reliably, then put them on your regular NAs list. That said, there are some actions which don't mind sitting for a while for opportunistic meetings. For example, I put car issues under my mechanic's agenda, and medical issues (non-pressing) under my MD's agenda.

      Only use GTD agendas list for regular meetings. Else, put it on a Next-Action list (one off communication).

  3. Dec 2023
    1. Dichter und sehr gut dokumentierter Überblicksratikel über die Expansionspläne der Öl- und Gasindustrie. Aus unerschlossenen Feldern sollen 230 Milliarden Barrel Öläquivalent gefördert werden - im klaren Widerspruch zum Pariser Abkommen. Durch Ausbeutung neuer Lager werden bis 2025 voraussichtlich 70 Gt CO<sub>2</sub> und damit 17% des Budgets für das 1,5° Ziel ausgestoßen. Eingegangen wird auch auf den Ausstiegsplan des Tyndall Centre. https://taz.de/Run-auf-fossile-Brennstoffe/!5973686/

  4. Nov 2023
    1. v-for="

      با v-for این را تعیین می کنه که چند سطر تو می خوای

    2. v-list-item

      جالبه ما یه چیزی به نام v-list-item داریم که item های این List را تعیین می کنه.

    3. ingle-line

      تو سه حالت ما اینا داریم که این سه حالت شامل: Single Line Two Line Three Line

    1. these skills of of from the first gaze to the conversation to hard conversations amid conflict these to me are the essence of moral life
      • for: list - skills for knowing another

      • list: skills for knowing others

        • deep, authentic gaze
        • accompaniment
        • presence, listening and meaningful questions

  5. Oct 2023

      In Sutherland's thesis, he discusses the concept of ring structures, which can be thought of as a type of data structure where elements are connected in a circular manner. This can be compared to a Python list where the last element points back to the first one, forming a "ring".

      In the context of his thesis, Sutherland uses the terms "hen" and "chicken" to represent elements in this ring structure. A "hen" can be thought of as the starting point or the head of the list, while a "chicken" represents other elements in the list.

      The operations he describes - inserting a new chicken into a ring at a specific location, removing a chicken from a ring, putting all the chickens of one ring into another at a specific location, and performing some auxiliary operation on each member of a ring in either forward or reverse order - can be compared to operations on a Python list.

      For example, inserting a new chicken into a ring can be compared to inserting an element into a Python list at a specific index:


      Python list

      ring = ['hen', 'chicken1', 'chicken2']

      Insert new chicken at index 1

      ring.insert(1, 'new_chicken') ```

      Removing a chicken from a ring can be compared to removing an element from a Python list:


      Remove 'chicken1' from the list

      ring.remove('chicken1') ```

      Putting all the chickens of one ring into another at a specific location can be compared to extending a Python list with another list:


      Another ring

      another_ring = ['hen2', 'chicken3', 'chicken4']

      Extend ring with another_ring

      ring.extend(another_ring) ```

      Performing some auxiliary operation on each member of a ring in either forward or reverse order can be compared to iterating over a Python list in forward or reverse order:


      Forward order

      for chicken in ring: print(chicken)

      Reverse order

      for chicken in reversed(ring): print(chicken) ```

      The concept of "MACRO instructions" he mentions can be compared to Python functions that encapsulate these operations for easy use.

    2. Moreover, the string points bothways to make it easy to find both the next and the previous member of thestring in case some change must be made to them.

      A list

  6. Sep 2023
    1. You must include at least the mailto portion of the List-Unsubscribe header, since some services only support this portion (iOS, for example). However, many inbox providers and mail clients honor both methods. To ensure that the greatest number of your recipients have the ability to unsubscribe from your emails, thus protecting your reputation as a sender, we recommend including both mailto and http.
    2. You must include at least the mailto portion of the List-Unsubscribe header, since some services only support this portion (iOS, for example). However, many inbox providers and mail clients honor both methods. To ensure that the greatest number of your recipients have the ability to unsubscribe from your emails, thus protecting your reputation as a sender, we recommend including both mailto and http.
    3. List-Unsubscribe is a small piece of text that can be inserted in the header section of your email. The List-Unsubscribe header will insert an “unsubscribe” button, or link, next to the From address at the top of your email. A recipient can click this link to notify you that they would like to unsubscribe from your emails.
    1. List-unsubscribe can help reduce spam complaints.If subscribers can’t find the unsubscribe link, they may click the spam reporting button instead. This could hurt your email deliverability and sender reputation. To mailbox providers, a spam complaint is a spam complaint, regardless of whether the recipient actually perceived the message as malicious.
    2. Support for list-unsubscribe varies across email clients.
    1. Apparently, Google uses some additional heuristics to decide whether the link should be displayed or not. The List-Unsubscribe header could be abused by spammers to validate that their target got the message, and thus, GMail only shows the unsubscribe link if the source of the message has accumulated sufficient trust.

      Shouldn't it be controllable by the end user, in the same way that they can press a button to show all images if images are blocked by default for security/privacy reasons??

  7. Aug 2023
  8. Jul 2023
    1. ```js // Log the full user-agent data navigator .userAgentData.getHighEntropyValues( ["architecture", "model", "bitness", "platformVersion", "fullVersionList"]) .then(ua => { console.log(ua) });

      // output { "architecture":"x86", "bitness":"64", "brands":[ { "brand":" Not A;Brand", "version":"99" }, { "brand":"Chromium", "version":"98" }, { "brand":"Google Chrome", "version":"98" } ], "fullVersionList":[ { "brand":" Not A;Brand", "version":"" }, { "brand":"Chromium", "version":"98.0.4738.0" }, { "brand":"Google Chrome", "version":"98.0.4738.0" } ], "mobile":false, "model":"", "platformVersion":"12.0.1" } ```

    1. ```idl dictionary NavigatorUABrandVersion { DOMString brand; DOMString version; };

      dictionary UADataValues { DOMString architecture; DOMString bitness; sequence<NavigatorUABrandVersion> brands; DOMString formFactor; sequence<NavigatorUABrandVersion> fullVersionList; DOMString model; boolean mobile; DOMString platform; DOMString platformVersion; DOMString uaFullVersion; // deprecated in favor of fullVersionList boolean wow64; };

      dictionary UALowEntropyJSON { sequence<NavigatorUABrandVersion> brands; boolean mobile; DOMString platform; };

      [Exposed=(Window,Worker)] interface NavigatorUAData { readonly attribute FrozenArray<NavigatorUABrandVersion> brands; readonly attribute boolean mobile; readonly attribute DOMString platform; Promise<UADataValues> getHighEntropyValues (sequence<DOMString> hints ); UALowEntropyJSON toJSON (); };

      interface mixin NavigatorUA { [SecureContext] readonly attribute NavigatorUAData userAgentData ; };

      Navigator includes NavigatorUA; WorkerNavigator includes NavigatorUA; ```

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    1. The texts used in reading instruction shifted from predictable books to phonetically regular texts that were referred to by the publisher as “predictable” and “decodable,” but that actually consisted of phonetically regular words organized into sentences that strain young readers’ sense-making.

      This sounds similar to the use of the Dolch word list to teach reading / writing. The list is designed to enable work with grammar and syntax, but because it is so small, requires considerable linguistic skill to use expressively.

  11. Jan 2023
    1. I came here looking for the glycemic index for bananas to see if this might explain a friends delayed reaction to consuming high amounts of salicylate. That is, the pain they experienced as a burn in the mouth/tongue only occurred after consuming a banana. A prior search tentatively suggested that spikes in insulin (which occur with foods high in glycemic index and glycemic load) can cause inflammation to the affected region which sends white blood cells as a response and can cause swelling and increased sensitivity to pain.

  12. Dec 2022
    1. Prototype-based languages merge these two concepts. There are only objects—no classes—and each individual object may contain state and methods. Objects can directly inherit from each other (or “delegate to” in prototypal lingo):


    2. Peter J. Landin coined the term “closure”. Yes, he invented damn near half the terms in programming languages. Most of them came out of one incredible paper, “The Next 700 Programming Languages”.

      Read this paper

    1. Let’s say, you’ve set up the list-unsubscribe header to you email campaign. Check out whether it works by sending an email to a test inbox. For Gmail, you’ll see the unsubscribe option in the header right next to the sender name
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      • lists can consist of any type of Python data
      • elements in a list need not be the same type - ex. the following contains a string, float, integer and another list
      • braces [ ] is simplest way to create lists
      • a list within a list is said to be *nested
  15. Sep 2022
    1. The list is compiled each year by the Marist Mindset team of Professor Tommy Zurhellen, Associate Professor of English; Dr. Vanessa Lynn, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice; and Dr. Joyce Yu-Jean Lee, Assistant Professor of Art and Digital Media.
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    1. ReconfigBehSci on Twitter: ‘RT @suhasinih: After UK puts India on red list, US CDC tells citizens to avoid all travel to India. No travel ban yet, however. Https://t.c…’ / Twitter. (n.d.). Retrieved 23 April 2021, from https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1384496618158792704

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    1. What an awesome little site. Sadly no RSS to make it easy to follow, so bookmarking here.

      I like that she's titled her posts feed as a "notebook": https://telepathics.xyz/notebook. There's not enough content here (yet) to make a determination that they're using it as a commonplace book though.

      Someone in the IndieWeb chat pointed out an awesome implementation of "stories" she's got on her personal site: https://telepathics.xyz/notes/2020/new-york-city-friends-food-sights/

      I particularly also like the layout and presentation of her Social Media Links page which has tags for the types of content as well as indicators for which are no longer active.

      This makes me wonder if I could use tags on some of my links to provide CSS styling on them to do the same thing for inactive services?

  22. Dec 2021
    1. Note also that testators left cloth as bequests during the epidemic. Apparently they were not as concerned with clothes retaining miasma as were anti-plague ordinances of the government.

      I did not know what the word miasma meant, after searching it up I learned that it was a "highly unpleasant or unhealthy smell". I wanted to learn more about what personal hygiene was like and how it changed during the time of the plague. I learned that it was a very unsanitary time and this helped to spread the plague. The doctors were unsure where the plague could spread from some, the community continued on with their everyday routine in little sense of where the disease came from which made the plague spread more.

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    1. Finding how to check if a list is empty in Python is not so a tricky task as you think. There are few effective methods available to make your functionalities easy. And of course, list play a paramount role in python that come up with few tempting characteristics listed in the below for your reference.

      Hope so, you got the points that are listed in the above points. All the methods are very simple to write and execute! Probably, the best solution is revealed for your query of “how to Check if a List Is Empty in Python

  25. Sep 2021
    1. Webpack 5 no longer polyfills Node.js core modules automatically which means if you use them in your code running in browsers or alike, you will have to install compatible modules from npm and include them yourself. Here is a list of polyfills webpack has used before webpack 5:
  26. Aug 2021

      The title of the article immediately made me think of the world we are living in now. For example it is becoming more and more evident that the country has mixed opinions on the vaccine. The government, state agencies and other public entities are requiring proof of a vaccine to even enter the premises. Some companies are offering incentives across the country to incentivize the vaccine by offering free products and discounts. To an extent from a medical perspective you want everyone as healthy as possible, but from a freedom perspective it is on the verge of violating an individual's freedom of choice through forced compliance.

  27. Jul 2021
    1. So that’s webmentions! If you need more of a deep dive than this, then I recommend starting with this article.

      I always wish they'd be able to proxy the webmentions for this piece back to my site....

  28. Jun 2021
    1. The US Library of Congress has been designated the official registration authority by the ISO and they publish the entire, official, up-to-date list as a trivial to parse text file for free.
  29. May 2021
    1. We also show how our construction im-proves the efficiency of all existing tightly-secure AKE protocols.
    1. Water borne diseases list

      water borne diseases list causes of typhoid in hindi:

      Baciliary dysentery or shigellosis. Cholera. Hepatitis A. Typhoid fever. Malaria. Dengue fever. Ascariasis or Round worm infection. Campylobacteriosis. Giardiasis.

    1. Use cases: Volumes are most useful when you need more storage space but don’t need the additional processing power or memory that a larger Droplet would provide, like: As the document root or media upload directory for a web server To house database files for a database server As a target location for backups As expanded storage for personal file hosting platforms like ownCloud As components for building more advanced storage solutions, like RAID arrays
    1. I hate making newsletters, but absolutely love reading them. Because of this, and on a semi-related note (apologies if this is off-topic/not allowed), I am in the process of creating a newsletter directory, allowing users to browse and find newsletters to sign up for.
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    1. food courts

      Superb construction, exclusive design, and modern architecture are some of the unique features of the project Gulshan One129 project recently launched by Gulshan Homz. From office space to commercial food court space in Noida, the mall caters to all your requirements. Each retail shop is excellently designed for better visibility and space utilization. If you are looking for a commercial property in Noida sector 129, book your space now and get the possession on or before June 2021.

    1. Gilles has written an excelent answer here (see unix.stackexchange.com/a/105655/49721) explaining why "A space-separated list of file names doesn't really work: what if one of the file names contained spaces?"
    2. If it's a list of actual pathnames, just replacing spaces by newlines may obviously mangle pathnames that contain embedded spaces, such as /User/myself/VirtualBox VMs/.
    3. For path names with newlines it is better to quote each pathname.
  31. Mar 2021
    1. Title: "goal the use case is trying to satisfy"[23]:101 Main Success Scenario: numbered list of steps[23]:101 Step: "a simple statement of the interaction between the actor and a system"[23]:101 Extensions: separately numbered lists, one per Extension[23]:101 Extension: "a condition that results in different interactions from .. the main success scenario". An extension from main step 3 is numbered 3a, etc.

      Not sure why I find this example so interesting.

      Probably because it is a human-readable outline that uses machine-readable (programming language source code) constructs, namely loops/iteration.

      The format in which this is written in, then, is itself a kind of (high-level, human-oriented) programming language.


      • numbered list of steps [introduces/names the loop/iterator/enumeration being done]
        • Step: "a simple statement of the interaction between the actor and a system" [defines the inner part of the loop that gets "executed" once per iteration]
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