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  1. Sep 2022
    1. In retrospect, I should have taken my colleagues’ failings as a warning signal. Instead,relying on my own positive experience rather than their negative ones, I became an eagerevangelist for the Boicean cause. With a convert’s zeal, I recited to anyone who would listenthe many compelling reasons why daily writing works

      This quote sounds a lot like the sort of dogmatic advice that (Luhmann) zettelkasten converts might give. This process works for them, but it may not necessarily work for those who either aren't willing to invest in it, or for whom it just may not work with how their brains operate. Of course this doesn't mean that there isn't value to it for many.

    1. many of us have myself included it's a temptation often referred to these days as the collector's fallacy which is the misguided belief that the way to increase one's knowledge is simply to collect as much information as possible

      I'm hearing lots of these points, but they sound like disingeuous canned versions of things that are in other sources on Zettelkasten rather than things that the presenter has either learned or experienced for himself. My issue with this is that the parroting of the "precise" methods may be leading others astray when there's the potential that they might move outside of those guidelines to better potential methods for themselves. Note making methods should be a fervent religious experience this way.