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  1. Apr 2023
    1. 2.4-1 Lemma (Linear combinations)

      Norm of the linear combinations of vectors are, larger than the sum of absolute value of all the scalar weight, by a strictly positive constant. Only for finite dimensional spaces.

      \( \Vert \alpha_1 + \cdots + \alpha_n\Vert \ge c(|\alpha_1| + \cdots + |\alpha_n|) \)

    2. 2.4-4 Definition (Equivalent norms).

      Take note that, if we treat the norm as a type of metric, then the conditions for equivalent norm is strictly stronger than the conditions needed for metric, which is stated in convergence of sequences.



  2. Mar 2023
    1. 2.4-5 Theorem (Equivalent norms).

      In a finite dimensional space, every norm is Equivalent

    2. 2.4-3 Theorem (Closedness)

      Every finite dimensional Banach space is closed.

    3. 2.4-2 Theorem (Completeness).

      Every finite dimension subspace of the normed space is complete, so are their subspace.



  3. Jul 2022