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  1. Feb 2017
    1. Apollonius Called the Rhodian Moses Hadas The Classical Weekly 1932 DOI: 10.2307/4339137 left Pagasae and the throngs of feminine admirers. On that occasion he is likened to Apollo striding toward Delos (1.307-311). Vergil copies the simile in his description of Aeneas (Aeneid 4.143-I45): Qualis ubi hibernam Lyciam Xanthique fluenta deserit ac Delum maternam invisit Apollo instauratque choros.... pon that passage Henry remarks29: "Not only is the hero of the Aeneid modelled after the hero of the Argonautics (see Rem. on Aen. 3.1O), but he is made the subject of the selfsame comparisons. .."

      Aeneas compared to Apollo for his beauty

      In an article on Apolloius Rhodius (10.2307/4339137) we read that Vergil took this comparison from the Argonautica (1.307-311), where Jason is compared to the same deity