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  1. Jun 2017
    1. we welcome your emphasis on the importance of inclusion and civil society participation in efforts to inform your work and implement your recommendations on the ground.
    1. he Chinese Government had asked for several amendments to the report. That request had not been taken into account. In his conclusions, the Special Rapporteur had criticized several detention cases of criminals which amounted to overcoming its mandate and breaking the principle of sovereignty. China would not tolerate that the human rights banner could be used to cover activities that would go against public order.
    2. appreciation for China’s comment that parts of the report were fair, but rejected the concept of “judicial sovereignty” which would lead a Special Rapporteur not to reflect on human rights violations. He reiterated his concern for the treatment of Jiang Tianyong. Regarding Mauritania, he noted that his visits had covered most of the population of a vast country. The Government had suggested he had not met with a wide range of non-governmental organizations; in fact he had met with over 50 of them. The main challenge in Mauritania was to recognize the distinctions which took place on the basis of ethnicity. The Government would be better served if it disaggregated data based on ethnicity. He called for the Government to release the two “IRA” representatives who were still imprisoned.