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  1. Oct 2019
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    1. nArbreCrochehehasmadehundredsofsuchexcellentChristiansoutofthecoarsestsavagesthat,asfarasIknowthempersonally,theycouldbeplacedbeforeallChristendomasanexampleofpiety.

      Pierz reveres Baraga

  3. Sep 2019
    1. hopeofhavingapermanentmissionaryintheirlocalitypleasedthemimmesely.Theyshowedmetheplacewheretheywishedtohavethemissionchurchndthehomeofthemissionary

      Baraga claims that the Natives at Fond du Lac desperately want a missionary to reside there permanently

    2. PierreCotté

      Baraga mentions the fur trader again (Pierre Cotte) who sings and reads to the Natives

    3. IwentonMay26ona,whereIspent14days.IfoundtheIndiansthereinthebestofconditions.ItisremarkablehowthesepoorIndianscankeeptheirfaithinreligion,sincetheyhavenomissionaryamongthe

      In May, Baraga visits Fond du Lac (which was unoccupied by missionaries) and remarks how well off they are

    4. hichaltogetherconstitute107sheetsofwriting,occupiedmeverypleasantlythroughoutthewholelongwinterinm

      Baraga makes a set of four small works, both in English and Ojibwe, to be used for teaching

    5. cannotlabormuchinwinter,atthetimethatthepportunityoffereditselfIhadnothingint

      Baraga states that the winter months are essentially useless to missionaries

  4. Aug 2019
    1. ndiansinFondduLac

      According to Baraga, the Natives at Fond du Lac want a priest

    2. 2Indians,

      62 baptized in September by Baraga

    3. 6India

      In august of 1835, 86 Natives were baptized by Baraga

    4. heconversionofasingleheathe

      according to Baraga, "the conversion of a single heathen" provides enough joy to forget all the hardships of the land

    5. ButItoldthegooIndiansthattheirbrothersonLakeSuperior,whohaveneverseenapriest,ne(1spiritualaidmuchmorethanthey,andthatanothermissionarycertainlwouldcomesoontoArbreCroche;bywhichtheywerecalmedsomew

      Natives at Arbre Croche want Baraga to stay and be their missionary, but he tells them that he is more needed at La Pointe