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  1. Jul 2016
    1. Moody's Investors Service downgraded the U.K. outlook from "stable" to "negative." The referendum result, it said, "will herald a prolonged period of uncertainty for the UK, with negative implications for the country's medium-term growth outlook."

      The news source is providing negative feedback as well. It is true that there is period of uncertainty for the UK. However, it may not result with negative implications. The investors are still getting into agreements as pound plunge has resulted in reduced deal value.

    2. The pound plunged to its lowest level in over 30 years on Friday, raising concerns about price inflation, and shares in the U.K.'s biggest banks and real estate builders posted double-digit declines as economists predicted the country would fall into recession.

      This news channel is stating the facts and the predictions by economists. The pound has plunged and economists are anticipating a recession is known to all. However, there is no analysis done as what could be the impact on the investments and the revenues earned by the investors post Brexit.

    1. But Driffield said that while the cheap sterling makes U.K. assets look cheap, potential buyers will also need to think about the fall in real expected revenues. "In times of uncertainty -- and I think we can all agree we are living in one of those now -- the fall in real expected revenue dominates, and we see a decline in FDI," he said.

      Here comes the real picture. The investment has gone down due to uncertainty that prevails. The investors are also expecting a fall in the expected revenues. The liberal news channel has presented a clear picture in front of the reader.

    2. In dollar terms, the deal comes with a hefty discount. It was worth $1.38 billion three weeks ago, on the day of the U.K. referendum. But after the fall in the value of the pound, the deal is now worth $1.2 billion.

      The news source is making mention of all the deals that occurred after the U.K. referendum and how those deals became cheaper due to fall in the pound.

    3. But data from research firm Dealogic show the number of deals announced after the referendum on June 23 has fallen 45% compared to the same period last year. The total value of deals announced since the referendum stood at $4.5 billion compared to the $9.1 billion at the same time last year, Dealogic said.

      The readers are told exact situation with statistical evidence. The liberal news channel is not trying to hide information and putting forth the exact situation of the investments and deals happening after Brexit. The impact of Brexit cannot be ignored as the number of deals have fallen by 45% as compared to the last year.

    1. It was building for the future, and the future has arrived. Amazon doesn’t have to seduce customers with a deal because they’re going to buy anyway.”

      This is how, Amazon has earned brand recognition. Now, Amazon has loyal customers, who will not go anywhere else and would purchase from Amazon regardless of attractive deals available or not. So, this is the time to encash the built reputation.

    2. Amazon wants to be so deeply embedded in a customer’s life that buying happens as naturally as breathing, and nearly as often.

      Amazon wants to become an integral part of daily routine of the customers. Hence, the company is changing tactics and strategies in order to be successful without compromising with the profit margin.

    3. The retailer built a reputation and hit $100 billion in annual revenue by offering deals. The first thing a potential customer saw was a bargain:

      The competition is high and it coaxed all the companies to provide huge discounts in order to lure people. The customers were sharp and made purchases on the basis of discount percentage given.

    1. Her calculation is that she will be dealing with a Republican Party that is deeply fractured and demoralized after the defeat of Mr. Trump,

      This suggests over-confidence about winning the presidential elections. She has planned everything well in advance.

    2. Mrs. Clinton’s 100 days that she would look to push issues that might be broadly popular, like infrastructure jobs and a breakthrough on immigration.

      Hilary Clinton is too focused and her first 100 days plan clearly proves this. She has thought of all the issues and problems that need to be addressed with immediate attention.

    3. Mrs. Clinton thinks she would be a better dealmaker than President Obama if she finds willing partners on the other side

      The expectations of Mrs. Clinton are highlighted. However, the remark may not be taken in a good light by Mr. Obama and his office bearers. This could also be taken as comparison and putting down the other person.

    4. Deeply confident that she would perform better as the president than as a political candidate, Mrs. Clinton wants to pursue a whole new approach at the White House to try to break through years of partisan gridlock, according to a dozen campaign advisers and allies who described her goals and outlook.

      The confidence and charisma of Mrs. Clinton is unparalleled. She is dynamic and wants to prove her mettle after becoming the president of the United States.

    5. In her first 100 days, she would also tap women to make up half of her cabinet in hopes of bringing a new tone and collaborative sensibility to Washington

      This is an agenda for the presidential campaign by Hilary Clinton. She is inclined to give more power to women in order to bring equity in the best possible form.

    1. As the United States and its allies uproot the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, its supporters may turn to terrorism wherever they are, many terrorism experts believe.

      This is a serious concern. Some steps to curb and control terrorism may give rise to terrorism in future. Hence, all the steps should be chosen carefully.

    2. The classified counterterrorism drone campaign, he said, has targeted other groups, notably Al Qaeda’s old core in Pakistan, its branch in Yemen and the Shabab in Somalia.

      This is in connection with 9/11 attacks. Al Qaeda was held responsible then for terrorism and attacks in the United States.

    3. But I don’t feel like we have enough information to analyze whether this tactic is working and helping us achieve larger strategic aims.”

      This statement suggests ambiguity that even government personnel are facing due to terrorism. There is lack of information with the government. Transparency is the need of the hour along with accurate information.

    4. The United States could kill just the small number of dangerous terrorists it wanted to kill, leaving nearby civilians unharmed.

      This suggests how careful United States is. Even after severe attack, the focus of the country is to cause no harm to the civilians living nearby due to terrorism attacks and defense.

    1. Summer says she has no dog in this fight, she’s got no opinions on Adnan’s guilt or innocence. She just knows what she knows.

      Summer's statements can be trusted and sounds convincing. She is not biased to any side and has nothing to do with Adnan. Summer is just sharing the information, which seems like a fact. She was with Hae at school around 2:30 or 2:45 suggests that Hae was alive that time and 2:36 call cannot be about Hae's murder. This is very convincing and clarifies that Jay is lying. There are two evidences now- one is that there is no pay phone near the Best Busy, and second that Hae was alive that time.

    2. I used to steal CDs from there all the time, so I was pretty aware of what was around.

      Laura's statement about her stealing CD's suggest that she must have been proactive and is aware of all the corners of the Best Buy. Here, Laura's statement is credible (ethos). This is because; any person trying to steal from store would doubly check for all the phones is and around the store. I am convinced with Laura's statement of not having any phone booth or pay phone around.

    3. The pay phone in question is important because Jay tells the detectives that Adnan called him on January 13, 1999 and told Jay he’d killed Hae. “Come and get me, I’m at Best Buy.” When Jay gets there he says he sees Adnan standing by the phone booth wearing red gloves.

      This is a very important piece of information. This can prove that Adnan is innocent and cannot be held guilty for Hae's murder. Koenig is using logs here. It is logical that Jay lied because Jay has clearly used the name 'Best Buy'; but when there is no pay phone or phone booth there; then Adnan could not have called Jay from there. This is very convincing and can be a crucial evidence in Adnan's favor.

  2. Jun 2016
    1. Spain’s IBEX 35 fell just 1% after Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s Popular Party did better than expected in national elections Sunday.

      I really want to know the connection of Spain's improvement with that of 'Brexit'. Though, the losses are really high in all the European countries. This looks like a mystery.

    2. Today’s market reaction suggests that Brexit could be more a local rather than globally systemic event

      This is not convincing. The effect of 'Brexit' is clearly visible all over the world. The stock exchanges of all the countries have fallen flat. In the long run, it could be possible that impact would be more local.

    3. Brexit is an event which will have long-lasting adverse repercussions for the markets, in particular for the eurozone,”

      The appeal used here is logos. This is convincing as the impact on the markets in eurozone would be long lasting. Also, the strategist at J.P. Morgan Cazenove must have analyzed the market before making such statements.

    4. everyone’s very worst fear of what might happen five years from now is instantly brought forward

      The story is particularly written keeping in mind the investors. The investors in the stock market are the worst affected due to 'Brexit'.

    5. The aftershocks of the U.K.’s vote to leave the European Union continued to ripple through financial markets Monday, deepening a rout in bank shares and sending the British pound to a three-decade low.

      This story has created ripples all over. 'Brexit' has resulted in crashing of stock markets across the world.

    1. I want to be clear, though, that that doesn’t mean he didn’t do it. It just means that so far, I think the State’s story about why he killed her doesn’t hold up.

      Here, I see that Sarah is careful to commit to a conclusion when there is still no concrete evidence. It shows that she is committed to finding real and tangible facts, despite talking to Adnan and his family so much which exposes her to an emotional persuasion.

    1. If the police are at her house, you know, if her mother, actually, you know for, for whatever reason, if she didn’t, you know she didn’t go home or she went somewhere else. In no way did I associate this call with being, you know, umm the beginning of you know, of this whole horrible thing.

      This text suggests that Adnan is not confident. He is trying to hide something and at the same time he wants to emphasize on something, which he himself does not believe. His language and usage of 'you now' so many times suggest that he is not confident and in a panicky state.

    2.  Oh no, uh, I do remember that phone call and I do remember being high at the time because the craziest thing is to be high and have the police call your phone. I’ll never forget that.

      Adnan seems to be in lighter mood when he says that the craziest thing is to be high and have the police call at your phone. This can be possible in the case that he is carefree and has no fear as he knows that he is innocent.

    3. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been holding up bits of evidence here and there that look bad for Adnan. Today, I’m just going to lay out the rest.

      Sarah is changing strategy here. Till now she was trying to prove Adnan innocent. But, now she is tying to flip the other side of the coin too. She just wants to weigh all the pros and cons before reaching any conclusion.

    4. One page was ripped out from the map. At trial they pointed out that it was the page that showed Leakin Park.

      This line suggests that Adnan is guilty and this was used to prove the same in the court. However, this page could have ripped up earlier or it could be a coincidence too.

    5. The most incriminating piece of physical evidence against Adnan Syed was a fingerprint, or rather, a palm print.

      Sarah Koeing, the writer seems to be doubtful about this piece of evidence, and it is clear in the way she writes it here.

    1. I've had to ask about teenagers' sex lives, where, how often, with whom, about notes they passed in class, about their drug habits, their relationships with their parents.

      This is how she begins introduction to the podcast. Here, Sarah is trying to brief audience about what all can be expected in the podcast episode.

    2. And I'm not a detective or a private investigator. I've not even a crime reporter.

      Sarah suggests that she is doing this out of curiosity to understand about the missing high school girl; and this is not her profession.

    3. The cause of death was manual strangulation, meaning someone did it with their hands.

      This is very crucial information to resolve the case.

    4. Adnan was born in the US, but his parents are from Pakistan. And they're conservative Muslims-- no drinking, no smoking, no girls, all that

      This goes against the verdict where Adnan is convicted.

    5. By the time I left Rabia's office that first day, I understood only one thing clearly, though maybe not the thing Rabia and Saad wanted me to understand. But what I took away from the visit was, somebody is lying here

      Sarah could figure out that the case is not that simple. There is a big mystery and lot is being hidden.

    6. In the picture Jay drew, it's cold. I mean, he's not describing a crime of passion here.

      It is clear that Jay has cooked a story and the fact is still not revealed.

    7.  No one ever has been able to provide any shred of evidence that I had anything but friendship toward her, like love and respect for her. That's at the end of the day, man. The only thing I can ever say is, man, I had no reason to kill her.

      Adnan clearly proves his point and innocence here.

    8. But then he mentions that there was this one girl, an alibi girl.

      This is the major turning point in the case. The alibi girl appeared to give another dimension to the case. Asia McClain was never spoken about earlier. this suggests that her name was kept hidden deliberately because there is a group of people behind who wanted Adnan to get arrested for Hae's murder. They could do so only on the basis of their breakup and alleged love affair. Hence name of Asia McClain was never mentioned.