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  1. Dec 2021
    1. says that greenhouse-gas emissions must be reduced and carbon dioxide emissions must fall by 45% from 2010 levels by 2030 for global warming to be maintained at 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels.

      Only in the draft. This seems not to be mentioned in the final version https://unfccc.int/documents/310475.

    1. 40. Invites the Secretary-General of the United Nations to convene world leaders in 2023 to consider ambition to 2030;

      ist ebenfalls entfallen

    2. Setting up a work programme may not sound like much, but in United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change terms this is dynamite. Having a work programme means that this item is permanently on the agenda for Cops and cannot be ignored. So every time there is a Cop – which is every year – this gap between what countries are aiming for in their NDCs and the level of emissions cuts needed to stay within 1.5C and 2C will be addressed.

      Auch die Erwähnung dieses Arbeitsprogramms ist dann enfallen.

    3. 28. Decides to establish a work programme to urgently scale-up mitigation ambition and implementation during the critical decade of the 2020s;

      Fehlt offenbar auch im Schlussdokument.

    4. The explicit reference to the UN synthesis report – basically, an assessment of countries’ national plans by the UN, similar to the Climate Action Tracker research – is also important, as is the explicit mention of how far countries are above the 2010 level of emissions.

      Dieser Abschnitt wurde dann offenbar komplett gestrichen.

    5. 26. Notes with serious concern the synthesis report on nationally determined contributions under the Paris Agreement, according to which the aggregate greenhouse gas emission level, taking into account implementation of all submitted nationally determined contributions is estimated to be 13.7 per cent above the 2010 level in 2030;

      Kommt offenbar im Schlussdokument nicht mehr vor.

  2. Nov 2021
    1. All I needed to know about COP26. It is actually the living embodiment of a racist, fascist, capitalist police state.

      Stephen Bau

  3. Oct 2021
    1. ”My expectation is that we will hear many, many nice speeches, we will hear many pledges that - if you really look into the details - are more or less meaningless but they just say them in order to have something to say, in order for media to have something to report about," she said."And then I expect things to continue to remain the same. ... The COPs as they are now will not lead to anything unless there is big, massive pressure from the outside."

      Greta Thunberg on COP26

      In which Greta calls bullshit on the capitalist entropy machine’s attempts to spin the culture of learned helplessness, trained incapacities, and bureaucratic intransigence that is designed to maintain the status quo while pretending to be the world’s saviours through philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, and greenwashing.

      via Twitter

    1. pressure from citizen groups, Indigenous people, and environmental organizations

      what leverage do they have? Labour pressure I can understand, since they can strike

  4. Feb 2021