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  1. Apr 2022
    1. “After all there is no lack of repertories, Calepinos [i.e., dictionaries], treasuriesand commonplaces where minds feeble in invention or weak in knowledge cansupplement their indigence.”14
      1. Etienne Molinier, Mystère de la croix (1635), sigs. e1r–v as quoted in Bayley (1983), xx.

      Ambrogio Calepino's name was so tied to his Dictionarium (1503) that his surname was used by Etienne Molinier as a shorthand for the genre in 1635.

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      Ambrogio Calepino’s Dictionarium of 1503 rapidly pushed the Catholicon off the market and performed even better, with one edition every two years on average (compared to one every four years for the Catholicon) until 1700. (p. 48, #)