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  1. Jul 2019
    1. Poisson Model
    2. We have analysed the Cancer data of patients in 155 wards of Chennai Cor-poration by the above described method. As preliminary analyses, we havecreated the Choropleth maps for Observed counts, Population of wards, ex-pected counts for patients and SMR's.The Choropleth map for the observed counts Figure 5.2 does not show anypattern. But the Choropleth map for the expected counts Figure: 5.4 indi-cate that the inner regions of the Chennai Corporations have lower expectedcounts and the regions along the border have larger counts of patients. As ameasure of spatial heterogeneity we have computed PSH= 0:7108:Hence ofthe total spatial random variation, nearly 71% is due to spatial heterogene-ity and the remaining 28:92% is due to Poisson variation. Thus the spatialvariation is present in the data.The Choropleth map for Empirical Bayes smoothed rates Figure 5.5 re-veals that only 13 sub regions have high risk values. The wards with numbers53, 64, 67, 70, 78, 93, 100, 103, 110, 117, 122, 147 and 151 have high riskvalues. Though this information could be used by the health managers toconcentrate their work on these regions, one can look for additional covariatesin these regions for further study
    3. Empirical Bayesian Smoothing
    4. Incidence Rate and SMR
  2. Jun 2019
    1. Estimation of Stevioside
    2. Extraction from the plant material
    3. Extraction from the plant material
    4. Extraction from the plant material
    5. Qmmtification of stevioside
    6. Estimation of Steviol
    7. Extraction from plant material
    8. Quantification of steviol
    9. Estimation of free aminoacids
    10. Estimation of soluble proteins
    11. Estimation of sugars
    12. Estimation of total phenols
    13. Determination of moisture
    14. Analytical methods
    15. The experimental part of the study was categorized into five sections for the convenience of reference viz. analytical, toxicological, molecular, biochemical and genomic quantitation.