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  1. Oct 2022
    1. It will only come by treating the women who are compelled to make the decision as human beings with full agency and deserving of the respect and dignity to which every human is entitled.

      ...and by ignoring the human beings they are murdering, denying them the very "respect and dignity to which every human is entitled" - except the one in her womb.

    2. It affects all involved

      It disproportionately affects the unborn human being who had no say in the matter before being murdered.

    3. every child is wanted

      ...except the aborted ones who die in a trash can of medical waste and are dismembered and incinerated.

      I wouldn't choose that over adoption.

    4. We know better than to use the force of government here. 

      We know it is appropriate to use Government force to prevent murder, because the Just Powers Clause of The Declaration of Independence explains that individuals can justly delegate powers to the Government that they have.

      You and I may all justly defend ourselves and others against murder, so this is a power we all have. This is how we know that it is one of the rare powers that can justly be granted to Government.

    5. None of us has the right to decide for someone else making this profoundly personal choice.

      This applies to the unborn human in the womb as well - even more so since they have yet to develop the capacity to resist attempted murder. It is the duty of those who can resist to do so for them.

    6. termination of a pregnancy

      Except that intentional "termination of a pregnancy" violates the NAP of the unborn human, which is why people evade this by claiming that unborn humans are not alive (when they objectively are), or that they magically become human when they exit the birth canal or the abdomen via Cesarian section.

      Murder is not a right, so it cannot be a reproductive right.

    7. if you are looking for a political party that has no space for nuance or compassion in the conversation on abortion, there are already two parties for you

      It's not a nuanced issue. The LP is in error when it ignores that abortion is a clear and obvious violation of the Zero-aggression Principle.

      It is the pre-meditated murder of helpless unborn humans, and since the LP objects to murder in other situations, they must reject it in this one as well.

    8. a vote for the other team is a vote for ‚Äúkilling babies.‚Ä̬†

      This is true though, specifically it fits the definition of murder since it involves the premeditated killing of one human being by another.

      One can play word games about whether or not unborn humans are "babies" - but they most likely will be if not murdered. Also, the definition of murder doesn't require one to be born first - only that one be a unique human being. We can detect the presence of a "unique human being" with blood samples from the mother.

    9. the other side wants to take choice and bodily autonomy away from women

      This ignores the bodily autonomy of the helpless unborn human in her womb who had less say than the woman in being there.

  2. Mar 2021
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  3. Aug 2019
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  4. Dec 2018
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