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  1. Oct 2013
    1. or we may argue that, because there is much disgrace in there not being a dog about, there is honour in being a dog. Or that Hermes is readier than any other god to go shares, since we never say "shares all round" except of him. Or that speech is a very excellent thing, since good men are not said to be worth money but to be worthy of esteem -- the phrase "worthy of esteem" also having the meaning of "worth speech."
    2. One variety of this is when -- as in dialectic, without having gone through any reasoning process, we make a final statement as if it were the conclusion of such a process

      Circular reasoning

  2. Sep 2013
    1. First of all, tell me what eloquence could be more righteous or more just than one which praises our ancestors in a manner worthy of their excellence and of their achievements?

      Appealing to Ancient Wisdom. Just 'cause it's old doesn't make it better.

    1. And music is concerned with the composition of melodies?

      Setting Up Repetition. If one agrees with A and believes in B etc etc then you will agree with the main point made. It's a logical fallacy, but a debate tactic we commonly see. It can be an effective tactic in relation to logic (seems paradoxical).