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  1. Jul 2019
    1. It is predicted that many of the employees of tomorrow will be data scientists with a deeper understanding of their company's core business. One discussion group is in agreement that given the shortage of specialists, employer branding will be extremely important from now on.
    2. Standardizing and automating finance processes Throughout the course of the day, interest is high, discussions are intensive and the guests agree: The pressure for efficiency that results from new technological possibilities will noticeably accelerate the process of digital transformation. No company can afford to spend years on this endeavor. Execution speed is a recurring theme in conversations. This means not only achieving faster, more transparent processes, but also new, rapid forms of communication with all stakeholders – in real time or via social media for instance. Another participant says: "We will find ourselves conducting more standardization. And things that get standardized also get automated". He says this in relation to communication and other work steps being carried out by artificial intelligence and robotics.
    3. analyzing, planning, simulation and management of a company possible in real time
    4. improve the efficiency, transparency and validity of planning and reporting processes.
    5. Transfer Pricing Management tool can automate nearly all invoicing processes throughout the world.
    6. data processing and consolidation in finance and accounting systems account for more than 50 percent of this function's activities at present.
    1. But it will take more than being a techno nerd to really deliver strategic priorities. Increasingly, a CFO will need an understanding of risk and risk management. Rather than the traditionally cautious voice, the future CFO will need to develop a commercial awareness of the need to take risks and how best to mitigate them.
    2. The future CFO will need a different set of skills to those traditionally honed by the finance function. And top of the list, according to an EY report, is an understanding of digital, smart technologies and sophisticated data analytics. No longer does the CFO see the IT department as a capital drain; CFOs are increasingly digital evangelists.
  2. May 2019