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  1. Feb 2020
  2. May 2019
    1. “ungovernable” spaces
    2. alternate forms of governance and coercion
    3. proliferation of organized crime
    4. poverty
    5. overcrowding
    6. Feral Cities
    7. Mega Slums
    8. Large concentrated populations create very large vulnerabilities.
    9. greater opportunities for terrorists and other non-state actors
    10. Asymmetric Disruption and Destruction
    11. greater collaboration and information sharing between and among the various agencies tasked with the defense and security of the nation and the vast majority of the population
    12. power shifts to municipal/local rather than national government
    13. hallenge to the Legitimacy of Traditional Defense and Security Forces
    14. humanitarian, defense and security challenges
    15. non-state actors such as terrorists and revolutionaries
    16. Defense organizations will also be challenged
    17. higher level of interagency information-sharing and collaboration
    18. Providing adequate police and security for these areas will be costly
    19. growth of radicalization and alternative governance structures
    20. outpacegovernments ability to provide basicservices
    21. explosion in urbanization
    22. Megaprojects
    23. aggregate power will rival
    24. megacities grow
    25. cloud technology, mobile devices, data analytics, and social networks to automate and connect city departments and promote eco-friendly practices
    26. Smart Cities
    27. 150 cities strategy
    28. massive investments in smart infrastructure
    29. in emerging economies, new cities will rise rapidly
    30. In developed economies and older cities in the developing world, infrastructure will be strained to the utmost— and beyond—as populations expand
    31. Large scale migrations from rural areas
    32. growth in urban population will likely take place in Asia and Africa
    33. By 2050, the world’s urban population will have increased by some 44%
    34. By 2015, the United Nations (UN) estimated that there would be 22 mega-cities—those with populations of 10 million or more
    35. by 2030, the UN projects that some 4.9 billion people will be urban dwellers.