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  1. Dec 2020
    1. The research associate added, one of the reasons it took 100 years to discover this is that it was not accepted until around 2010 that insects are most closely linked to crustaceans "within the arthropod phylum" as the genetic similarities revealed. Before that, added Bruce, based on morphology, everyone had categorized insects in the myriapod group, together with centipedes and millipedes.

      Needed the right story.

  2. Jan 2020
    1. Ever since Plato, there have been people who worried about whether we can gain access to Reality, or whether the finitude of our cognitive faculties makes such access impossible.

      The question!

    2. that their imaginations were more limited than ours.

      How does the imagine and reality intersect here, i.e. Language is Perception?

    3. We would express our sense of finitude not by comparing our humanity with something nonhuman but by comparing our way of being human with other, better ways that may someday be adopted by our descendants.

      How does getting rid of the Reality-Appearance distinction help us do this?