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  1. Aug 2023
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    1. You may opt-out of the telemetry by setting Storybook's configuration element disableTelemetry to true, using the --disable-telemetry flag, or setting the environment variableSTORYBOOK_DISABLE_TELEMETRY to 1.
  4. Aug 2022
    1. Tashi Delek, means Good Luck for the New Year in the Tibetan language. In a language that is spoken by the Dalai Lama and his people, an unknown script spins words we know in sombre prayer wheels in the monasteries of the Himalayas.

      The first Tibetan book released by Voisegram.

  5. May 2022
  6. Dec 2021
    1. Interactive storiesStorybook enables you to capture various states of a component in a structured format called a story. Each story simulates a particular UI state by rendering the component in isolation and supplying props and mock data.However, some UI states can only be reached via user interaction—click, drag, tap, type, etc. These were previously impossible to model in Storybook. To address this, we've added a new construct in Storybook 6.4 called the play function. That enables you to run scripted interactions after a story is rendered.Consider this play function that fills out a form to trigger a validation:

      I wonder how this can change how we approach component testing / unit tests?

  7. Dec 2019
    1. Storybook integrates with Jest Snapshot through an add-on called StoryShots. StoryShots adds automatic Jest Snapshot Testing to our codebase by using our existing Storybook stories as the input for Jest Snapshot Testing.
    2. However, it did require us to think differently about the creation, maintenance, and sustainment of our components moving forward — an integrative process we call "storybook-driven development."
    3. With Storybook, we have been able to build our React components gradually in isolation without having to worry about having the final component version or environment ready from the start. It has doubled as a staging and planning tool for us.
    4. because of its independent architecture, adding Storybook to our existing project did not create any burden or changes to our existing codebase.
    1. make stylable all of the visual states of your application - no clicking around required - just jump right to the state

      Storybook value proposition: state inventory without requiring interactions

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