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  1. Feb 2014
    1. the Lydians and Milesians ended the war and agreed to be friends and allies

      1.22. The Lydians and Milesians end the war and enter into an alliance. One might treat this agreement as the result of personal negotiations between the tyrant of Miletus and the Lydian king.

    2. he heard an account contrary to his expectations

      1.22. Alyattes receives the report of the herald he sent to Thrasybulus. The herald, fooled by Thrasybulus' strategem, indicates that the Milesians have plenty of supplies.

    3. offering to make a truce with Thrasybulus and the Milesians

      1.21. Alyattes offers to make a truce with the Milesians while he rebuilds the temple that was burned.

    4. Periander son of Cypselus, a close friend of the Thrasybulus who then was sovereign of Miletus, learned what reply the oracle had given to Alyattes, and sent a messenger to tell Thrasybulus

      1.20. Periander, tyrant of Corinth, passes on the oracle's response to Alyattes to his fellow tyrant Thrasybulus of Miletus.