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  1. Nov 2019
    1. transfigura

      Curieux terme : il y a quelque chose de gadamérien (cf. Hans Georg Gadamer) dans cette idée de « transfiguration ».

      L’Art pour Gadamer a cette propriété de justement « transfigurer » le spectateur, qui entre en dialogue avec l’Œuvre d’art (ne se contentant pas simplement de la regarder passivement); l’Œuvre « transforme » le spectateur, ou quelque chose de plus : elle le « transfigure ».

  2. May 2016
    1. Man, then, is only the organism I AM thus preparing through which to manifest the perfection ofMy Idea. He provides the personality, with its body, mind and intellect, through which I canexpress this Idea perfectly, the physical brain with which I can think and speak It into outermanifestation.I plant in man's brain an Idea -- any idea. That idea would grow, mature and speedily ripen intocomplete outer fruition or manifestation, -- if man only would let it, would give his mind and allits thoughts, his heart and all its desires wholly over to Me, and let Me come forth as the perfectfulfillment of that Idea

      The body and mind are forms made up from God through which God can express Him/Herself, manifest.....

      I need to surrender completely to God.