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  1. Mar 2022
    1. We're still refining the presentation, but for now you can tell a passage was concatenated by the ellipsis (...) joining the non-adjacent strings of text.
  2. Jun 2021

      Also supplementary: system landscape, deployment.

    2. Internal

      Internal to some business unit. External systems may still be part of the same enterprise.

    3. Metamodel

      Could this be represented in XMI?

      I wonder what it would be like to model this in Fibery.

    4. the result is a single definition of all elements

      Except if e.g. a component is used in different containers.

    5. that don't understand anything about the semantics of your diagrams

      C4 understands something, but eschews knowledge of e.g. the exact same component being used within different containers.

    6. they are an integral part of your software architecture

      You also deploy instances of them in specific environments.

    7. omit the intermediary, and instead use notation (e.g. a textual description, colour coding, line style, etc) to signify that the interaction between service A and B happens via an intermediary

      Is it possible to model the intermediary, such that it shows upon a deployment diagram, but leave it out of this diagram?

    8. using colour coding to signify which parts of the software system are bespoke vs those provided for you

      Also enterprise to show external/internal?

    9. feel free to supplement the C4 diagrams with UML diagrams, BPML diagrams, ArchiMate diagrams

      Would be nice to track elements across those boundaries. I.e. this system in C4 is that business unit in ArchiMate. Kind of like context propagation in distibuted tracing.

    10. include the entire story on a single diagram

      No: include the entire system in a single model. Diagrams should be focused views.

    11. Feel free to draw a box around these two containers

      How do I do that in the DSL?

    12. model these microservices as external software systems, that you can't see inside of.

      These teams, however, also want models. They see inside of those software systems. This should be just another view. On one model that contains elements for everything in the system.

    13. components are not separately deployable units

      The OpenTelemetry Collector is a single binary but can be deployed in different roles in order to scale horizontally

    14. container is a separately deployable/runnable thing

      How about internal architecture?




  3. Mar 2020